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Reference (as of July 2014)


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Parfums Gres official website (now closed)

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「香水の本」平田幸子 (新潮文庫
「香り 世界の香水ベスト・セレクション」日本テレビ


Claude Marchal(Parfum MDCI)
Safia (Zahras Boutique)
Abdullah(Oudh Al Anfar)
Dean (Parfumsarabia)
Lianne Tio(Lianne Tio Parfums)
Emi Matsui(Ca'Natura)
Roja Dove (RDPR)
Carlo Tedeschi(ex.RDPR)
Emily Townes(RDPR)
Marcel and Haven(Roja Dove Haute Perfumerie, Harrods)
Jan Eword Vos(Puredistance)
Samira Mohamed(Puredistance)
Etienne de Swardt(Etat Libre D'Orange)
Lucie Le Pagie(Parfums Divine)
Romain(Parfums Nicolai)
Jason Waterworth(United Perfumes)
Francois (Parfum d'Empire)
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